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Happy New Year! 

The office is scheduling appointments by Zoom or by telephone. We have limited in-office appointments. We are asking that you send us your data no later than two weeks prior to the appointment. This will allow us to prepare draft returns for review at the time of your appointment. Many appointments have carried over from last year. You will receive a text notification one week prior to your appointment for confirmation. If you need to schedule or reschedule, please contact the office. We will make every effort to accommodate you.

Once you have all of your documents, please send them to our office. We highly encourage the use of our online portal, SmartVault. If you do not have access to your portal, please contact our office for help. Besides the preferred method of electronic submission through SmartVault, you may also mail or FedEx your documents to our office. The mailbox found outside the parking lot is also available for you to drop off your documents. We are making every effort to be efficient in the preparation of your tax return. We ask that you supply all of your documents at one time. However, if you are missing or know you will be waiting on certain items, please send in the majority of your information at once so we can prepare as much of your tax return as possible. Our firm policy is to process all tax returns in the order in which they are received.

Tax organizers are available upon request. Please feel free to contact us if you would like one mailed or uploaded to your SmartVault. For your convenience, all copies of client tax returns will be available through SmartVault. Upon request, you will also receive a paper copy of your tax return.

Our fees are based on the complexity of the return and time it takes to prepare/file. Due to an increase in firm costs, you will see an increase in tax preparation fees. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express as well as personal checks. All invoices are due upon receipt.

NOTE: Our office staff cannot begin any tax preparation or provide any added services for clients with outstanding balances until they are paid in full. Please call the office and speak to Sarah Maniscalco about any past due balances on your account.

We ask you review this packet in its entirety and send back the completed checklist and SIGNED engagement letter to our office with your tax documents. The tax filing deadline this year, without extension, is Monday, April 17, 2023. We strongly urge you to get us your information no later than Monday, March 20th. Please understand that we will make every effort to complete each tax return; however, if we receive your tax information after March 20th, we will prepare extension forms for your 2022 tax returns.

We sincerely appreciate your loyalty as we always strive to provide you with the most exceptional service! We look forward to seeing you in 2023!